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Milk and Honey

41 x 51 INCHES
Mixed media 3D painting on glass

“I will take you from the affliction of Egypt...to a land flowing with milk and honey.” ~Exodus 3:17

The beauty of Jerusalem is readily apparent it the words of the Bible and the descriptions of the Prophets. Though that portrayal may seem far from the modern day city, I believe the beauty of the city today is expressed, but differently.

In the years I’ve lived in Israel, I’ve grown to appreciate the richness of Jerusalem for all that it holds. She is still, in so many ways, the center of the world, as depicted in Ancient Roman maps. The challenges of today brings out the humanity of those who walk the streets of Jerusalem: their joys, their passions, their pain. The depth of Jerusalem brings out the depth of the people who live and visit her.

In Milk and Honey, the promise of what Jerusalem - Ir Shalem - City of Peace - is in her heart, comes alive. Shabbat candles on the windowsill represent the possibilities for freedom and self-creation. Look carefully, and you will find hints of the seven species of the Holy Land interspersed throughout the painting, representing the rich bounty that the Land of Israel holds in her potential and in her reality. 


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