Soul Train

26 x 49 inches
Mixed media 3D painting on glass

This painting is, firstly, about the beauty and diversity of humanity. More profoundly, it is about how, together with our intense variety, we are connected on a deep and simple level.

In Soul Train, each individual comes from a different world, yet threads of their stories, as depicted through paint and fantasy, are entwined - the history of a loving elderly couple is mirrored by the dancing young man and woman in front of them, a woman wears furs identical to that of a polar bear. Is the bear real or a child’s drawing? A wealth of details brings each character to life and the use of bright colors, dynamic interactions, and humor make this painting an eye-catching centerpiece.

Together, these elements create a world in which time is meaningless, love is in the air, and each person maintains his and her individual personality and life-story on a shared and awesome journey into the future.

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