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העגלה שלך ריקה

ראיון עם מנהלת הסטודיו

David Velleman

There's a story behind every painting and 3D paintings on glass are no exception. BE1 went to the Jean-Pierre Weill Art Studio on the outskirts of Jerusalem to see the artwork, meet with David Velleman and find out where he fits into this story.   

Shalom David! As Business Development Manager, please tell me a little bit about yourself, how you joined the Jean-Pierre Weill family story and how you see your role in the company.

I married Davida, Jean-Pierre's daughter, ten years ago and I fell in love with the art from the first moment I saw it. When the studio moved to Israel, I found that I had lots and lots of ideas of how we could make the work more accessible and spread it out more. So just by sharing these ideas it came about naturally that I took on the role of developing the business. At this point, I'm in charge of thinking about new lines, new possibilities, getting in touch with new galleries. I also manage the technical side of the business, everything from renovating the studio to designing new display spaces.

Do you see Jean-Pierre's artwork placed exclusively in art galleries or do you see these painting in, let's say, cafes, hotels and other public places?

I definitely see the artwork in all kinds of places and not just in art galleries. What is unique about this art is that people just fall in love with these paintings and basically, I feel that they could be a part of any public space, like hotel lobbies and cafes and could really create a buzz.

Where and how is it possible to purchase the artwork?

Well, I guess it depends where you are in the world. We have many galleries. If you're in Israel, we've just renovated our studio and we have display space, a gallery space in the studio, where we welcome visitors to come see the art. Our studio is located in Tekoa. We also have galleries in Israel in prime locations like Mamilla Boulevard in Jerusalem, Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv and the Artist's Colony in Safed. One can go into our website and view each painting, and a high-quality video of each painting, and purchase one there. We offer free-shipping worldwide. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram, and we welcome questions and feedback on all those platforms.

Are you planning something special for the Holiday Season?

We have some generous discounts and sales. This Holiday Season we also have a special offer for the White Collection in which one can have a painting with unique customization plus the gift of Jean-Pierre Weill's bookThe Well of Being.

What do you see for the future of the Jean-Pierre brand?

Right now, we're dealing with orders, and our galleries are doing very well. I guess I see further development happening on two levels: one would be extending to more galleries around the world and the other would be making the artwork even more accessible. What I mean by that is that we are working on a new collection called the Mini Collection which will be a selection of small, cute, engaging paintings which take scenes and give a glimpse of our artwork, giving everyone the opportunity to be able to buy them.

I want to say here that I feel a great sense of gratitude. In the studio we feel that we are very lucky to be able to engage in this kind of work, something so beautiful which gives joy to others and to ourselves.

Well, that's it! Thank you for speaking to me. Wishing you all the best for the future.

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