In 1992 Jean-Pierre discovered that he could create 3D paintings by arranging different parts of an image on multiple levels of glass. Each painting is comprised of multiple layers of glass, spaced apart from each other to create the perfect visual illusion. This technique allows each painting to be enriched by elements of light and shadow, and creates a delightful sense of movement.

We constantly hear from our customers how much better the art looks in person!  Unfortunately, the beauty of the 3D is hard to capture in flat images, so if you like our work online we are confident you will be thrilled when it arrives. 

We send all our Petite Collection and Mini Collection works in a custom designed gift box for that extra special touch.

Our Mini Collection pieces weigh 5.3 oz (150 grams).
Our Petite Collection works weigh 28.4 oz (805 grams).

The design process of creating 3D paintings on glass is very time and energy consuming. We have created custom works in the past, but generally for large-volume orders.

Shipping is free to wherever you are.

We send our artwork around the globe and every country has different laws about customs fees. If duties need to be paid, the courier service will be in touch with you regarding those payments. If you would like more information before making a purchase, write to us and we will look into the import duties for your country.

Everything about the artwork - from the customized frames to the stylish gift box - is designed to protect the glass artwork. 
We guarantee safe delivery of our work and insure it 100%. If there are any issues whatsoever, we will replace your painting, no questions asked.

Your painting will look beautiful virtually anywhere, but to make it truly shine, it's worth thinking about lighting. Direct lighting will make the paint on the glass cast shadows on the background, both enriching the scene and creating an illusion of greater depth.

For your convenience, our Mini Collection  and Petite Collection works can be either displayed on a shelf or hung on the wall. 

Occasionally dust the frame with a clean, soft rag.
Clean the glass  with window cleaner on a soft cloth to remove streaks or fingerprints.
Do not hang the painting in direct sunlight.
Do not lean objects against the painting - front or back.