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10th Man

34 x 45 inches
Mixed media 3D painting on glass

Nine men have gathered to form a minyan, and they wait for a tenth to complete the quorum. A special power is attributed to the community of ten which creates a Place where God’s Presence (Shechina) can rest. The simple choice to show up brings a Presence that does not exist in the world of individual prayer. This painting utilizes all the advantages of painting on multiple levels of glass to create depth, a sense of grandeur and spaciousness, light and shadow. In a unique additional touch, the one enjoying the artwork may notice his reflection on the front pane of glass and, in that moment, becomes the one to complete the minyan.

A sense of universality (all Jews are welcome to prayer) is created by the integration of decorative elements from synagogues around the world in the House of Prayer depicted here. Tribute is paid to famous paintings of Jews at prayer by Rudolph Ernst (“The Morning Prayer”) and Maurycy Gottlieb (“Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur”) as well.

Tenth Man is bursting with images and symbols to which Jews from any walk of life can relate - the ten commandments, doves of peace, and Hear O Israel.

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