FREE video of Jean-Pierre Weill's complete book, The Well of Being

October 01, 2020 1 min read

Hi everyone!

As the Covid19 pandemic has forced us to slow down and then slow down some more, we've spent a good bit of time thinking about what our family studio is all about, and the direction we want to take it

One thing that is clear: we want to continue to strengthen the dialogue between our 3D paintings on glass and the themes of emotional health and wellbeing that are the subject of Jean-Pierre's book, The Well of Being (available on Amazon Prime:

In that vein, we created an animated narration of Jean-Pierre reading his entire book and put it up for FREE viewing on YouTube. 

Davida has started a YouTube series about wellbeing, taking moments from her life to reflect on small ways to be more conscious.
We'll be posting links to some of her videos soon. Stay tuned :)

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