Jean-Pierre Weill wrote and illustrated his first book in 2012. Titled, The Well of Being: a children’s book for adults, the book explores the relationship between self-perception and life-perception through simple words and fanciful illustrations. The book received notable endorsement from Ram Dass and a favorable review from Kirkus Reviews, the latter having included it in a short list of “Best Indie Books of 2013 to Help Enhance Your Life.” After receiving a very positive review on brainpickings, rights to the book were purchased by MacMillan International Publishers (UK) and Flatiron Publishers (USA).

Now Jean-Pierre has written his second book, Evolve: a children’s book for adults, the book explores stories from genesis as a progressive narrative towards personal freedom.

What emerges from Weill’s ethereal watercolors and enchanting words is a secular scripture, at once grounding and elevating…

-Maria Popova

Jean-Pierre Weill’s book can be visited over and over again, on good days or bad days.

-Ram Dass

Jean-Pierre Weill speaks straight to the heart in a voice at once profound and provocative. Weill’s creative genius shines – as writer, artist, and thinker. Everyone should read this book – it’s a mind changer.

Daniel Goleman